Bienvenue à Lausanne!

Looking over Lake Geneva, the Olympic Capital, is a vibrant and dynamic city hosting many international head offices and renowned research centres

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Welcome to the 14th SSRR

The 2016 International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2016) will be held in EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 23-27th, 2016. The venue for SSRR 2016 is the EPFL's Rolex Center. The program will integrate workshops, plenaries, robot demonstrations and social activities for attendees and guests.

Here there are some news to be excited about our conference program, you should check out:

Call for papers
Everything you need to know about paper submission to SSRR.

Plenary talks
Our program will incorporate interesting daily plenary talks on each SSRR domain: marine, air and ground.

Workshop on UMVs
workshop on UMVs for rescuing drowning people.


  • Organizing Committee

    General Chair

    Auke Ijspeert, EPFL - Switzerland

    Auke Ijspeert

    Program Chair

    Kamilo Melo, EPFL - Switzerland

    Kamilo Melo
  • International Co-chairs

    Robin Murphy, Texas A&M - USA


    Davide Scaramuzza, UZH - Switzerland


    Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku Universitry - Japan

    Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University - Japan

  • Demonstrations Co-chair
    Demos Chair

    Marco Hutter, ETHZ - Switzerland

  • Local Arrangements

    Laura Paez, EPFL - Switzerland

    Amy Wu, EPFL - Switzerland

    Jessica Lanini, EPFL - Switzerland

    Iselin Frøybu, EPFL - Switzerland

    Mina Ferizbegovic, EPFL - Switzerland

    Sylvie Fiaux, EPFL - Switzerland

  • Program Committee

    Abel Roman Gawel, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Albert Wang, MIT - USA

    Alessandro Crespi, EPFL - Switzerland

    Alessandro Giusti, IDSIA - Switzerland

    Alex Ferworn, Ryerson University - Canada

    Alexander Cunningham, University of Michigan - USA

    Alexander Wayne Winkler, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Amy Wu, EPFL - Switzerland

    Andreas Hurtle, University of Freiburg - Switzerland

    Andreas Nuechter, University of Würzbug - Germany

    Angelos Amanatiadis, Democritus University of Thrace - Greece

    Atsushi Yamashita, University of Tokyo - Japan

    Behzad Bayat, EPFL - Switzerland

    Bin Li, Shenyang Institute of Automation - China

    Brittany Duncan, Texas A and M University - USA

    Bruno Siciliano, University of Naples Federico II - Italy

    Cesar Dario Cadena Lerma, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Christian Dornhege, University of Freiburg - Switzerland

    Daniele Darni, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

    David Portugal, Ingeniarius, Ltd - Portugal

    Diego Pardo, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Dirk Schulz, Fraunhofer FKIE - Germany

    Dirk Holz, University of Bonn - Germany

    Eduardo Feo, IDSIA - Switzerland

    Eleni Kelasidi, NTNU - Norway

    Elias Mueggler, UZH - Switzerland

    Evangelous Papadopoulos, NTUA - Greece

    Evangelous Boukas, Democritus University of Thrace - Greece

    Gabriele Olivia, Università Campus Bio-Medico - Italy

    Geert De Cubber, Royal Military Academy of Belgium - Belgium

    Gerald Steinbauer, Graz University of Technology - Austria

    Giuseppe Loianno, University of Pennsylvania - USA

    Goldie Nejat, University of Toronto - Canada

    Gregory Hitz, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Hartmut Surmann, Fraunhofer IAIS - Germany

    Hiroaki Nakaranishi, Kyoto University - Japan

    Hisanori Amano, NRIFD - Japan

    Horvat Tomislav, EPFL - Switzerland

    Howie Choset, Carnegie Mellon University - USA

    Inkyu Sa, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Isam Akli, CDTA - Algeria

    Jeffrey Delmerico, UZH - Switzerland

    Jerome Guzzi, IDSIA - Switzerland

    Johannes Pellenz, University of Koblenz-Landau - Germany

    Julien Lecoer, EPFL - Switzerland

    Kaunori Ohno, Tohoku University - Japan

    Kazuyuki Ito, Hosei University - Japan

    Keiji Nagatani, Tohoku University - Japan

    Kingsley Fregene, Lockheed Martin S.A. - Switzerland

    Lazaros Nalpantidis, Aalborg University Copenhagen - Denmark

    Marija Popovic, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Mariusz Wzorek, Linköping University - Sweden

    Masahiko Onosato, Hokkaido University - Japan

    Massimo Vespignani, EPFL - Switzerland

    Matthew Robertson, EPFL - Switzerland

    Max Pfingsthorn, Jocobs University - Germany

    Misra Pradeep, Whright State University - USA

    Nathan Michael, Carnegie Mellon University - USA

    Noritaka Sato, Nagoya Institute of Technology - Japan

    Nouri Bouraqadi, ENSMD - France

    Panagiotis Papadakis, ENSTA ParisTech - France

    Paul Robinette, Georgia Institute of Technology - USA

    Peter Ecker, EPFL - Switzerland

    Peter Fankhauser, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Philipp Oettershagen, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Philipp Andreas Krüssi, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Piotr Rudol, Linköping University - Sweden

    Pratar Tokekar, Virginia Tech - USA

    Raffaella Carloni, University of Twente - Netherlands

    Raimund Edlinger, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria

    Ramviyas Parasuraman, KTH - Sweden

    Remo Diethelm, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Renaud Dubé, ETHZ - Switzerland

    Rodrigo Calvo, University of Sao Pablo - Brazil

    Roseli Romero, USP ICMC SCC -Brazil

    Rui Rocha, University of Coimbra - Portugal

    Saeid Nahavandi, Deakin University - Australia

    Serge Stinckwich, IRD - France

    Shaojie Shen, HKUST - Hong Kong

    Simon Lacroix, LAAS/CNRS - France

    Simon Hauser, EPFL - Switzerland

    Soren Schwertfeger, ShanghaiTech University - China

    Stefano Mintchev, EPFL - Switzerland

    Tadej Petric, EPFL - Switzerland

    Tamara Bonaci, University of Washington - USA

    Tao Mai, CSST Research - USA

    Tetsushi Kamegawa, Okayama University - Japan

    Tetsuya Kimura, Nagaoka University of Technology - Japan

    Tetsuya Kinugasa, Okayama University - Japan

    Tamoishi Takahashi, Meijo University - Japan

    Toyomi Fujita, Tohoku Institute of Technology - Japan

    Yugang Liu, University of Toronto - Canada

    Zachary Jeremy Taylor, University of Sidney - Australia




Notification of acceptance



Video and LBR submission

Closed !



Initial Paper submission

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SSRR is sponsored by

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logo of Frontiers

Frontiers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will be exhibitor during SSRR-2016 on Tuesday 25th. Additionally, Frontiers will kindly sponsor the awards ceremony during the SSRR-2016 banquet with a "free-paper" prize.

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KM-RoBoTa s.a.s. will accompany the award ceremony.